You may put your text on the quilts and buttons below

fairy_qlt01.gif (7485 bytes)

fairy_qlt02.gif (7580 bytes)

fairy_btntlpwa.gif (3127 bytes)

fairy_btntlpwb.gif (3131 bytes)

fairy_btnllca.gif (3072 bytes)

fairy_btnllcb.gif (3109 bytes)

fairy_btndfda.gif (3086 bytes)

fairy_btndfdb.gif (3079 bytes)

fairy_btntlppa.gif (3127 bytes)

fairy_btntlppb.gif (3131 bytes)

fairy_btndsya.gif (3039 bytes)

fairy_btndsyb.gif (3042 bytes)

fairy_btnmshra.gif (3127 bytes)

fairy_btnmshrb.gif (3135 bytes)


fairy_racktop01.gif (5091 bytes)
fairy_rackabtme.gif (2524 bytes)
fairy_rackhm.gif (2406 bytes)
fairy_rackmbl.gif (2527 bytes)
fairy_rackbl.gif (2109 bytes)
fairy_rackbtm.gif (2400 bytes)

fairy_racktop02.gif (5097 bytes)
fairy_rackblbhm.gif (3368 bytes)
fairy_rackbtm.gif (2400 bytes)

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fairy_rackblb.gif (2247 bytes)
fairy_rackbtma.gif (2404 bytes)

fairy_racktop04.gif (4512 bytes)
fairy_rackblmwlfr.gif (2288 bytes)
fairy_rackblmentr.gif (2111 bytes)
fairy_rackblm.gif (1568 bytes)
fairy_rackbtma.gif (2404 bytes)

Font: little days
Please email me if you need my help to put your text using the same style as above. Do not forget to attach the graphic when you send me the request :o)

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fairy_welc02.gif (18083 bytes)

- basic rules -

you must agree to give credit by providing a link to
using a logo or a text link
ON THE SAME PAGE  where the graphic is used.

save the graphics to your own harddisk
and upload them to your own server.


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fairy_welc01.gif (19842 bytes)






fairy_clipwrds02.gif (13342 bytes)




fairy_clipwrds01.gif (15468 bytes)


fairy_ln01.gif (6790 bytes)




fairy_welc03.gif (18911 bytes)

fairy_clip06.gif (8754 bytes)       fairy_clip07.gif (9911 bytes)

fairy_clip08.gif (17923 bytes)


fairy_gb01.gif (6902 bytes)  fairy_gb02.gif (6966 bytes)   fairy_email.gif (2793 bytes)


You may write your text on the graphic below (see sample on top of this page).
Please email me if you need my help to put your text

fairy_welcchmbl.gif (27186 bytes)

Background tiles

fairy_bgdtbl.gif (383 bytes) fairy_bgdtbld.gif (383 bytes) fairy_bgtldbl.gif (269 bytes)
fairy_bgtlbl.gif (871 bytes)


fairy_topper01.gif (5421 bytes)

To use this topper like the one I made for this page,
(I used Frontpage Editor) simply make a table with
height 95 pixel, width 100%, no border, and use
the topper as table background.

The HTML code if you use notepad editor is

<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%" height="95" background="fairy_topper01.gif"><tr><td width="100%"><p align="center"></td></tr></table>



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