You may add your text to the blank button below. The font I use for the other buttons is Tigger

smr_sb02.gif (3125 bytes)
smr_sb01.gif (2539 bytes)
smr_sb03.gif (2978 bytes)
smr_sb04.gif (3033 bytes)
smr_sb05.gif (2816 bytes)
smr_sb06.gif (3032 bytes)
smr_sb07.gif (2790 bytes)
smr_sb08.gif (2804 bytes)
smr_sb09.gif (2767 bytes)
smr_sb10.gif (2834 bytes)


smr_email01.gif (2897 bytes)

smr_email02.gif (2724 bytes)


You can also add your text to this graphic

smr_cl07.gif (5361 bytes)


smr_gb.gif (5840 bytes)


smr_journal.gif (5609 bytes)

You can add your text to the quilt squares below, and use them as card, award, etc.

smr_qlt01.gif (6454 bytes)

smr_qlt02.gif (6478 bytes)



smr_logo.gif (6012 bytes)

smr_clwel.gif (4988 bytes)

Be sure to understand my term of use if you
consider to use my graphics

Thank you! :o)

- basic rules -

you must agree to give credit by providing a link to
using a logo or a text link
ON THE SAME PAGE where the graphic is used.

save the graphics to your own harddisk
and upload them to your own server.

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download the set
(zipped file)


smr_clwel01.gif (9041 bytes)


You may put your text to the graphics below,
and use them as sigtag, etc.

smr_cl01.gif (7232 bytes)


smr_cl02.gif (4244 bytes)


smr_cl03.gif (2819 bytes)      smr_cl04.gif (2803 bytes)


smr_cl05.gif (6640 bytes)        smr_cl06.gif (6515 bytes)


You can use these two graphics below as 'is',
as divider, and you can put your text on them, too!

smr_ln01.gif (4407 bytes)

smr_ln02.gif (4449 bytes)


Feel free to add your text to the banners below

smr_banner01.gif (8898 bytes)

smr_banner02.gif (8872 bytes)


Background tiles

smr_tile01vbg.gif (5206 bytes) smr_tile02vbg.gif (537 bytes)
smr_tile03yl.gif (394 bytes)


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